Chatterie familiale responsable de chat ragdoll
Responsible family cattery for ragdoll cats

The ragdoll is a breed of cats native to the United States created in 1963 by Ann Baker, breeder of Persians. The name of this breed comes from an astonishing peculiarity: when taken, it becomes as soft as a ragdoll.  With its silky fur and exceptionally soft character, it is a real living cuddly toy. Due to his legendary calm, his adoration towards his master and his great sociability, it is the ultimate domestic cat. The ragdoll also shows great discretion even in its mewing which is very mild. It is home and it adapts very easily. He enjoys the company of children and dogs. It is a little fearful cat who submits easily and who does not realize the danger. This is why it is not advisable to let it outdoors. The recognized ragdoll are traditional, mink and sepia.

Traditional Ragdoll The tradional ragdoll is all white and takes color around the 2nd month. His eyes are blue. 

 Ragdoll mink The mink ragdoll is born with its color. He has aqua-colored eyes (blue-green). It is called so because its coat is even thicker, smoother and softer than the traditional ragdoll. Its fur is actually like the mink, "mink" in English. 

 Ragdoll sepia The sepia ragdoll is born with its color. He has gold-green eyes. It has a coat much darker and even more luxurious than the mink. Sepia can only be produced when both parents are mink or if one parent is mink and the other sepia. 

 The recognized dresses are: The colorpoint (ears, mask, legs and tail color)

The mitted (ears, mask, and tail of color, chin and tip of the white paws)

The bicolor (ears, mask, and tail of color, white legs, inverted white V in the face)