Chatterie familiale responsable de chat ragdoll
Responsible family cattery for ragdoll cats

Lady Adelyne - Ragdoll MINK Bicolor

Adelyne is unique, she is curious and playful, but especially she loves ALL the animals of the house! 

She likes her independence, but she often comes to see us and meowing to receive caresses :) 

Its fur is exceptionally soft, which is a feature of Ragdoll Mink. 

She is an exceptional mother, from tete to babies washing, she showed (despite the fact that it was her first litter) bravery and an unusual maternal feeling! 

 We are very proud of her! 

For more beautiful pictures of Adelyne just click on her photo aside ! 

Lady Stella - Ragdoll Blue Colorpoint

Our beautiful and gentle Stella is like silk! 
She is very affectionate and in adoration with her master (me !) ;)
With her magnificent blue eyes and gentle and soft temperament, everyone can only fall in love with this little princess! 
She has not yet experienced maternity, but we already are convinced that she will be a super-mom! :)

For more adorable pictures of Stella juste click on her photo aside !