Chatterie familiale responsable de chat ragdoll
Responsible family cattery for ragdoll cats

 Adopting an animal is not a decision that can be taken lightly. As responsible breeders, it is our duty to ensure not only the welfare of the kitten that will be adopted but also the reliability of the family who wants to have one of our babies. It is with this in mind that the adoption contract is necessary. As much to reassure adopted families as ourselves. 

As well as respecting our beliefs and values, a contract must be completed and signed before any adoption or any form of payment.


The instructions...

First, to adopt one of our kittens, you must contact us to express your desire to become an adoptive. Because we have only 2 female breeders and  that we do not want them to have more litters than the veterinarian's recommendations, we offer the possibility to reserve a kitten even before his birth when a new litter is announced. A deposit of 100$ will be required to access to our list of adopters. You tell us your preferences and according to your requests, you will receive a number that will define your place in the list.

Then comes the time of the selection which is done about the age of 2 months. Among the available kittens, you choose which one you want and the kitten is officially your's ! Then we can complete the adoption contract with you. Another deposit equivalent to 25% of the total amount will be required.  

The 3 months of weaning are finally over, the kittens have been sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed, he had is microchip and  he is tested negative against several diseases like FeLV and FIV. They are ready to leave us and go to their new family!  It is at this point that the balance of the total amount must be paid.

If the kitten need to take airplane, all arrangements will be made by our cattery with Pet Safe Company to ensure that your baby travels safely and arrives in full health in your home.

In is packing, your kitten will have a Royal Canin starter kit, his certificate of registration of purebred with TICA and CAFCC, veterinary documents attesting of the sterilization, the vaccination and the dewormers, the number of his microchip, one copy of the adoption contract and finally a small blanket and one toy who smell like into our house for helping your kitten do not feel too much disoriented with the traveling and arrival in your home.

A 1-year warranty of good health from some diseases is offered with the adoptions *

Included in the price                                                Not-Included in the price

Sterilization operation 

First series of vaccine 


Chip treatment if transport is by airplane 

Royal Canin Starter Kit 

Kitten blanket and toy


1 year warranty of good health for some diseases


Cage of transport