Chatterie familiale responsable de chat ragdoll
Responsible family cattery for ragdoll cats

Our Story...

By a beautiful hot summer day, my husband and I had felt incontestly and irremediably in love with each other ... Step by step,  our wonderful family was formed and enlarged to finally become what we are Today: 2 big children, 2 dogs, a lots of tropical fish in an giant aquarium and, of course, our Cattery! We are surrounded by love and we love it!

An idea was born...

At first it was a dream. My dream ! I have been in love with cats since  my childhood, but, I never thought that one day I would be owner of my own cattery with my husband! But life has made this dream possible. With a lot of love and patience, we have created a responsible cattery, at our image and which allows us to make known the wonderful race that is the ragdoll all around the world.  

Our first love...

In our research for our first female, we quickly realized that we had very high non-negotiable expectations for the breeders we were going to move forward with. Adopting animals is always a matter of confidence and love for such or such cats, but as a breeder myself, I especially wanted to associate my name with a cattery that would respect in every point the standards that I Were going to adopt: A family cattery where cats and kittens live with the family in the house. A cattery who respect all the animals and taking great care as much as their reproducer as the kittens. Conscientious breeders who are associated with an accessible veterinarian for adopters and who, of course, are registered and have an excellent reputation at TICA. It is with these convictions that I fell in love with Adelyne ... Beautiful with a mischievous air, this beautiful little ragdoll quickly conquered the heart of the whole family! We were not mistaken, she really loves to play with us and the dogs and she have a very curious and cheerful nature. It adds a lot of life in our house!

Sweetness in the pure state!  

As I had already chosen the beautiful Adelyne, I offered my husband to choose our second breeder himself. After a few 'clicks' he felt in love with the beautiful and gentle Stella. As soon as he saw her, he knew she would be perfect for us. Affectionate and calina, she is always with us to receive caresses and kisses. Having preserved her little tunes of kitten, she is calm and adores the company of the other animals of the house.

The beauty of the lineage ...

For our first breeding male, we wanted the beauty of the traditional ragdoll as well as a champion pedigree. It is with this 2 characteristics in mind that we were both charmed by the elegance and refinement of our Harry ... A beautiful little gloved male from a great line of champion. His beautiful eyes color like a blue ocean proves the purity of his lineage and his docile temperament is very characteristic of the ragdoll makes him even more adorable. We are very excited to see the wonderful kittens that will be engendered by this male with so incredible antecedents!

Our Own Family Cattery !

It is with great pride and excitement that we present our cattery ImagineRags to you all! 

For us, a domestic cat is synonymous of sweetness and love. A cat turns a simple house into a home. So when it came time to choose the name of our cattery, I especially wanted that he inspire love, respect and hope. ImagineRags is much more than a simple cattery, it is a life choice. 

We chose to believe in the beauty and the importance of every life. 

We are honored to participate in the happiness of the families who will adopt our kittens. Because, after all, all we need is love!